Your 3 bin system


Queanbeyan - Palerang Regional Council uses a three bin system and prides itself on being able to offer this service to our community.  

Former Queanbeyan Houses and town houses are issued Council garbage, recycling and greenwaste bins.  Multi-units have Council issued garbage and recycling bins which are shared.  Some unit complexes have a greenwaste bin which is used by the gardener.  Former Queanbeyan Rural properties can have a Council issued garbage and recycling bin or just a recycling bin. Businesses and Commercial properties can elect to use a Council service or a private commercial service. If using a Council service they will be issued with Council bins 240L size only.

All urban residential homes in QPRC area are required to have a bin service provided by QPRC. Bins are provided by Council to the resident to use as directed by information provided with the bin.

The Bins remain the property of QPRC and are to remain at the property they are allocated too.

Some former Palerang  Rural areas are provided bins and other rural areas and businesses it is an optional service. Please contact Council to check which service you are eligible for.

QPRC will only service bins that are issued by Council, Council will not service non QPRC bins.

To assist Council in providing an efficient and cost effective  waste and resource recovery service to our community please note the uses of the bins below.

Please note that the Green waste bin refered to below is for former Queanbeyan residents only. Former Palerang residents please refer to the Palerang website.

What goes in which bin

  • Greenwaste bin (bin with green lid) - grass clippings, prunings, flowers and leaves only
  • Recycling bin (bin with yellow lid) - RIGID plastic containers, aluminium and steel containers and cans, aluminium foil and trays, paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars (no other types of glass) , cartons e.g juice or longlife milk only  Please remove lids from containers . NO soft plastics or plastic bags
  • Garbage bins (bin with red lid) - all other items that cannot go into your Recycling or Greenwaste bin. eg nappies, food scraps (unless you have a compost or chooks or other pets that eat the scraps or a worm farm), soft plastics like plastic bags, lolly and chip wrappers, cling wrap, polystyrene, broken toys etc.


What can't go in my bins:

No builders waste, sharps,  chemicals, gas bottles, batteries, fluorescent light globes,  engine oil, paints or hazardous materials to go in any of the bins.

  • Greenwaste (green lid)  - NO rocks, dirt, plastic bags, rubbish, animal faeces, nappies, garden equipment, metal, food, dead animals.
  • Recycling (yellow lid) - NO plastic bags or soft plastics, polystyrene, crockery or glassware (only jars and bottles),  electronic equipment, clothing, nappies, dead animals, syringes, medical equipment, light globes
  • Garbage bins (red lid) - NO gas bottles, builders materials, hazardous items, engine oil, paints, light globes, batteries.

If your bins are contaminated with the wrong items,  are too heavy or obstructed they will be stickered and left. A fee may be imposed to empty your bin if it has been stickered. If your bin is contaminated 3 times the service will be removed.

Please put your bins out the night before collection day

If you do not put your bin out on time and it is missed there will be a fee imposed to return to collect it.  Please put your bins out the night before collection. 

If you are unsure of what goes into your bin you can contact Council on 6285 6246.

The below Greenwaste information is for Former Queanbeyan Residents only.

GreenWasteBinJune2016.jpgRed Bin

RecycleBinDoDontJune2016.jpgCompost Bin