Report a damaged bin


You can now report a damaged bin by completing the online form below.  

Once you have completed the online form -

  • PLACE YOUR BIN ON THE VERGE so the contractor can access. (contractors will not enter the property to repair bins) .  
  • PLEASE NUMBER YOUR BIN if you live in a unit complex before placing out so that the contractor fixes the correct bin ( you can be as creative as you like with your numbers as long as it is easy to read)
  • PLEASE ALLOW 3 BUSINESS DAYS for your bin to be fixed (this is for lid, wheel replacements and minor repairs)
  • BINS THAT NEED TO BE REPLACED  because it is split, squashed or unusable .  It will be replaced after your next collection day so that it is empty. PLEASE leave on the verge after it has been emptied
  • If your bin has been damaged due to being left out for long periods of time, burnt or other malicious damage you may be liable for the replacement fee.

Has your bin been damaged? You can report the damaged bin by completing this online form.

Please note - if the bin has been damaged due to neglect, misuse or being left out on street for long periods of time, Council may require payment for the replacement of the bin. 

If the bin has been vandalised please report to the Police and record incident number.

What bin is damaged?
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