Traffic Studies


Queanbeyan's population is expected to grow to 56,000 by 2031 with South Jerrabomberra and Googong developments underway. In response to this expected population growth, Queanbeyan City Council carried out the Googong and Tralee Traffic Study 2031 in 2008 to develop a program of works that would minimise the impact of this growth on the road network.

In 2014, Queanbeyan City Council updated its traffic model and undertook further traffic studies, using the most recent Census data, growth forecasts and infrastructure programs for both Queanbeyan and Canberra. This study is known as the South Jerrabomberra and Queanbeyan Traffic Analysis 2014 and is provided in different parts below.

Part 1 South Jerrabomberra Network Transportation Assessment Report - This report documents the analysis of various potential access roads for the proposed South Jerrabomberra developments.

Part 2 Selected Road Network Improvements Transportation Assessment Report - This analysis involved a limited number of 2031 network improvement scenarios. These scenario analyses have been undertaken to provide a Traffic Economist with modelling data.

Part 3 Queanbeyan Network Improvement Assessment Report - This report documents the performance of the future Queanbeyan network as the city grows, identifying the improvements necessary to maintain a Level of Service (D) or better throughout the network.

Part 4 Selected Road Network Improvements Contributions Analysis Report - Part 4 enables Council to determine what percentage of traffic each development contributes to each improvement project. This was carried out by analysing the total traffic flowing through each of the improvement from each part of Queanbeyan and ACT.

Part 4a Dunns Creek Analysis - Part 4a looks at when Dunns Creek Road is required. Dunns Creek Road would be a new road link between Old Cooma Road and the Monaro Highway. This analysis was achieved by adding households to Googong until the four lane Old Cooma Road between Edwin Land Parkway and Googong Road became too congested.

All of these documents are available for download below.