Events on roads


Events on Road

Organisers of planned events in Queanbeyan which wholly or partly take place on a road or carpark (road related area) or are impacting the road require special traffic management and subsequently require approval from the Queanbeyan City Council and the Queanbeyan Local Police.

When applying for approval to conduct an event impacting the road, the approach must be in writing and must provide a detailed description of the event and its projected size. In general, it is good practice to lodge the formal application to Council at least four months (refer to the RMS’s Special Events Guide, some events may require 6 months notice) before the event is to be held. Council recommends this four month period so that applications have sufficient time to be reviewed by Council staff prior to its submission to the Local Traffic Committee where the traffic implications of the event will be assessed. This Committee meets every two months and will make a recommendation regarding the event to the following Council meeting.

Special Event Transport Management Plan

Any planned event which disrupts vehicular traffic requires the completion and submission of a Special Event Transport Management Plan (TMP) to Council.

The objectives of the TMP are to:

  • Demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Work Health & Safety Act;
  • Isolate the event space from traffic;
  • Manage the reduced capacity of the road system;
  • Minimise the traffic impact on the non-event community & emergency services;
  • Minimise costs to the event organiser and the agencies; and
  • Ensure compliance with Road Transport Legislation.

Submissions must be accompanied by:

  • a map showing the event route/required road closures,
  • copies of written notifications to the emergency services,
  • copy of $20million public liability insurance,
  • risk management plan, and
  • traffic control plan designed by RMS accredited person.

Examples of events requiring a TMP are:

  • A protest or demonstration rally,
  • A parade (eg. ANZAC Day, Reconciliation Walk),
  • Organised bike rides or races,
  • A car rally/exhibition (where people will gather and drive their vehicles in a convoy to display),
  • Marathons/fun runs, and
  • Off road events that affect traffic.

This form is not required for events that solely disrupt pedestrian traffic (eg. Remembrance Day Wreath Laying Ceremonies). Events solely disrupting pedestrian traffic only require the submission of a Schedule 1 Form to the Local Police.

Schedule 1 Form

A Schedule 1 Form is required to be submitted to the Queanbeyan Local Police where there is a gathering of people for a specific purpose, which may cause disruption to vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic.

The Police have the fundamental responsibility to prevent crime and to protect life and property. When planning or conducting a special event, Police may:

  • Offer advice,
  • Establish certain conditions for the conduct of the event, and
  • Maintain public order and management of crowds and traffic.

Examples of public gatherings not requiring submission of a Schedule 1 Form include family days at the park or showground events which do not have an effect on vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or are not gatherings for a specific cause/purpose (e.g. – protests / marches / rallies).

Further Information

Organisers of Events impacting the road are recommended to read further information contained within the RMS’s Special Events Guide. This guide describes the process in detail. It is written for Event Organisers, Venue Managers, Police, Councils, Road & Maritime Services (RMS) and anyone else with an interest in traffic and transport management for a special event.