Driveway works


Applying to be an Approved Driveway Contractor

Contractors wishing to conduct driveway work on Council’s road reserves are required to gain approval from Council prior to commencing works. This ensures that the contractors who are performing the work are suitably qualified and are covered by insurance in case of an accident.

Council has two levels of approvals for contractors who wish to undertake driveway works. Contractors may either seek long term approval, or seek approval to perform short term (one-off) driveway works.

Long term approval allows the contractor to be placed on Council’s Approved Contractor List. The approved contractor list can be downloaded here or obtained from the Sustainability & Better Living reception area and is distributed to the general public, upon request for a Driveway Construction Application form.

Short term approvals are one-off approvals which allow the contractors who perform infrequent work within the City of Queanbeyan, to undertake driveway works. However these approvals restrict the contractor to a maximum of Three (3) driveways, and do not place the contractor on Council’s Approved Contractor List.

Further information on becoming an approved driveway contractor is provided in Council’s Information Sheet for Driveway Contractors.

Applying to Construct a Driveway

Persons wishing to construct a driveway on Council’s road reserves must ensure that the contractor undertaking the work has gone through the above approval process and has become an approved contractor by Queanbeyan City Council. This ensures that the contractor who is performing the work is suitably qualified and is covered by insurance in case of an accident.

Prior to commencing work an Application Form for Driveway Construction must be completed and submitted to Council’s Engineering Services Section at least 10 working days prior to work commencing.