Online services

Change of address
You can update your address with Council online here
Change of name
You will need to provide a copy of the relevant documentation in order for the change of name to be processed
Council and Crown property register
You can search Council's property register to view Community, Operational and Crown land
Development Applications on notification
You can view on-line all Council's current development applications that are on notification
Landscape consultant register
Council maintains a list of landscape consultants and contractors
Pay an invoice
You can pay a debtors invoice online using Council's online payment portal
Pay rates and water charges
You can pay your rates and water charges online using Council payment portal
Property register
You can search for basic information (legal description and land area) on all properties within the local government area
Register of Development Applications
Search development applications on properties in the local government area
Report vandalism or graffiti
Have you seen some vandalism or graffiti - report it online here
Request a certificate
You can request and pay for a variety of Council certificates online including S149 planning certificates and S603 certificates
View parking infringement
View parking infringements online