Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade


The Queanbeyan Sewage Treatment Plant was constructed in the mid-1930s and treats Queanbeyan’s effluent prior to discharge into the Molonglo River. While maintenance and works are regularly undertaken on the treatment plant the existing plant is nearing the end of its service life.

Queanbeyan City Council is now planning the upgrade of this vital infrastructure. The upgrade will see a new facility constructed in 2017 and will ensure Queanbeyan’s growing population is accommodated and water quality standards continue to be met. Water quality from the plant affects not only the Molonglo River but Lake Burley Griffin in the ACT, which the Molonglo River flows into.

Planning and consultation for a new design is now underway. The project is one of the largest in Queanbeyan’s history and requires extensive consultation with stakeholders, from regulators such as ACTEW and federal and state agencies; environmental groups and user groups and individuals.

The overall goal of the project is to provide a level of service that conforms to industry best practice for the protection of public health and the environment and properly addresses the concerns and issues of relevant regulators.

Council will continue along a pathway of consultation throughout the life of the project. All stakeholders will have an opportunity to have their say at a number of stages throughout the project. Submissions will be sought at a number of junctures, including when the draft master plan goes out on exhibition - set for early next year, and then when the concept design goes out on public exhibition, due out in early 2016 and following that when the final detailed design goes out on public exhibition early in 2017.

As well as these formal submission periods there will be plenty of opportunity for the community to be informed, through public meetings and through Council external communications, including this web page and City Life magazine as well as press releases and on social media. Council will give the public plenty of notice regarding dates of consultative events.

GHD Pty Ltd has been engaged by Queanbeyan City Council as the Project Manager/Technical Adviser for the project.

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