Council’s asset maintenance and renewal program, CityCARE, has been running since 2010-11 and has seen more than $5 million spent exclusively on the maintenance and renewal of Council's roads, footpaths, sportsfields and playgrounds. Since the program commenced, the following works have been undertaken (up until 30 June 2015):

  • $995,000 on repairing more than 1,500 footpath defects
  • $1.5 billion on bitumen resealing local roads
  • $1.22 million on pavement rehabilitation for seven sections of local road
  • $1.55 million on upgrades to Queanbeyan parks and sportsfields.

The 2015-16 and 2016-17 CityCARE program of works is shown below:

Citycare program of works 2013-14-2016-17

The 5.8% Special Rate Variation was a one-off increase to Queanbeyan’s base rate and would raise around $1 million per year to be spent exclusively on the maintenance and renewal of the city’s roads, footpaths, parks and sportsfields. The average increase per residential property was about $52 a year, or $1 a week. Council acknowledge that the increase would have an impact on the more vulnerable in the community and agreed to provide an extra $40 rebate for pensioners.

Council made an application to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) for its SRV to be continued on an ongoing basis, in line with the community consultation exercise undertaken in 2009-2010. IPART approved Council's application and June 2012.