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My son began care with Tookie a few months after turning two. At this stage he was barely speaking (a couple of basic words, that's all) and was quite shy and reserved, even around his own extended family.

I knew Tookie was the perfect carer for my son when we went to Tookie’s place for a meet and greet. When we were leaving Tookie asked Tyler for a hug and he just leapt into her arms - it was a match made in heaven! Tyler's speech has improved incredibly and he is learning something new every day he spends with Tookie. He is more outgoing and has learnt to play and interact with people and other children.

Some parents can have trouble with their child not wanting to be dropped off at their educator’s house, but I have the opposite problem - Tyler doesn't want to come home!! - Cheree

We just love using Queanbeyan Family Day for our son James. James is developing at a great rate. He’s looked after in a family home environment, making great friends, learning so much and he LOVES going to Mandy’s every day. It really is the best of both worlds! Thank you Queanbeyan Family Day Care - Sandy

Five years ago I approached Queanbeyan Family Day Care as I would be returning to work in the New Year and was looking for a safe, nurturing environment where we felt our five month old daughter would be given personal attention and not exposed to a multitude of bugs and illnesses.

Through Queanbeyan Family Day Care, we were put in touch with a number of carers and immediately found one very close to our home, whose home, interests and personality suited us well.

We have found Queanbeyan Family Day Care to be a very supportive, professional organisation including spot visits, safety inspections, police checks, carer training and so on, ensuring us of our child’s welfare, safety and continued development. We have had wonderful experiences with twi different carers, who have both shown a true interest in the children’s lives, interests and developments, providing consistent, caring support and teaching to our children. The small environment has also allowed them make strong lasting friendships and be exposed to older and younger children, increasing their tolerance for others and allowing them to learn from and teach other children. When our daughter started preschool, we felt she was well prepared skills wise and adapted quickly to the larger group environment. We have also found our children have not picked up any contagious illness, besides common colds, through family day care.

Most importantly both our children have thoroughly enjoyed their time in day care. We still catch up with our daughter’s carer who has now retired and our son (two) wakes up on the weekend and asks to go to “Mandy’s house”. - Bronwyn