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About Family Day Care

How is Family Day Care different from other forms of childcare?

Family Day Care is provided in the homes of educators who are registered with a Family Day Care scheme. Educators are visited on a regular basis by qualified staff members of a Coordination Unit. Their role is to ensure that the children have settled into care and that the educator is meeting all the necessary rules and regulations.

Family Cay Care offers childcare in a small group setting, up to four children under school age and three children of school age (including the educator’s own children). This means that children are exposed to less illnesses and less risk of cross infection. Family Day Care enables siblings to be cared for together in the same environment, and sometimes an educator can be located close to a family home.

Why do families choose Family Day Care?

Children receive more individual attention, because of the small group. Children are exposed to a family environment and often lasting relationships are formed.

What does ‘approved childcare’ mean?

“Approved childcare” means that the scheme has been through the Assessments and Ratings process and can provide access to childcare benefit and/or the childcare rebate to eligible families.

What would be a typical day at Family Day Care?

A typical day for a child in Family Day Care would begin with some free time in the morning whilst other children are coming into care – children could choose what they wanted to do, e.g., books, puzzles, construction, dress ups. Once all children have arrived, it might be time for a walk around the block, visit to playgroup, or it could be a quiet morning at home participating in an activity that has been organised by the educator and/or children. During the course of the morning, the children and educator would sit down for morning tea and probably have a talk about what they have done so far or what they plan to do for the rest of the day.

Once lunch time arrives, it would be getting ready for lunch and probably a rest time for children afterwards. Once everyone is up from a sleep and/or rest, more play time with some structured activities, story time, collage, writing, reading, music, dancing, water play, sand play etc.

The beauty of Family Day Care is that educators can be flexible with their day. If the children want to do a certain activity, then that can be accommodated within the program. Flexibility and giving the children the opportunity to choose, is crucial in the child’s development.

Educators provide a play-based learning environment in line with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Who is Family Day Care most suited to?

Family Day Care is suitable for children of all ages and stages. It is also ideal for families who want one pick up point for a number of children, families who don’t have transport and need care close to their home. Family Day Care can also assist parents whose child has not attended childcare previously and may be looking for a quiet environment or where the child will receive individual attention.

What ages can attend Family Day Care?

Family Day Care caters for children of all ages, including school aged children.

Costs of Family Day Care

How much does childcare cost through Family Day Care?

For care within the times of 8am to 6pm the fees will range from $8 - $12.50 per hour. Care outside of these hours will be slightly higher.

Some educators registered with Queanbeyan Family Day Care will allow the parent to choose the hours that are required and parents pay for the care used. Other educators may require a parent to agree to contract for a set number of hours per day

Can I still access a Federal Government Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate?

Yes, as long as you meet the Federal Government guidelines -

What is covered as part of the fees for Family Day Care?

This can vary from educator to educator. Some educators include food and nappies in their fees. Each educator will provide this information to parents when parents meet the educator.

What is the registration fee?

The only up-front fee paid by families to the coordination unit is a $50 per family fee. The fee is charged to a parent when the scheme knows that they have possible educators for the parent and the care that they require. The fee is non-refundable.

The fee is used by the scheme to provide resources to parents when they attend for an interview (e.g., such as information on healthy food choices and what to pack in a lunch box).

Locations and hours of operation for Family Day Care

Where is Family Day Care operating?

Queanbeyan Family Day Care has educators operating throughout Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra, Wamboin, Michelago and Bungendore.

Why types of care does Family Day Care provide?

Family Day Care can provide full time, part time, before and after school care, occasional care, casual care, school holiday care as well as weekend and overnight care.

What does flexible care mean?

Flexible care means that parents can generally ask for the hours and days that are needed, and pay for the care agreed upon.

What hours and days are available through Family Day Care?

Family Day Care is available five days per week throughout the whole year. Parents can generally choose the days and hours that are required. Occasional care is also available.

Safety and consistency of Family Day Care

Does my child need to be immunised to attend Family Day Care?

Yes, it is the parents’ responsibility to provide up-to-date immunisation history records to the scheme. The childcare benefit and childcare rebate are also linked to immunisation – 

In a situation where a child has a medical condition and is not able to receive immunisations, a contra-indication form can be completed.

What kind of training do educators have and how is this training maintained?

All educators undergo initial training prior to registering with a scheme. This training covers topics including health, hygiene, safety, child protection, programming, planning, etc.

To maintain their skills and knowledge, educators are required to attend a certain number of training sessions each year. This training is organised by the scheme or educators can access their own training.

What is the role of the Coordination Unit?

Staff members employed within the Coordination Unit undertake regular visits to educator’s homes, monitoring and resourcing educators, children and parents, and maintain contact with families. Staff members also ensure that accountability requirements are followed.

Staff members who work with the children are all Diploma trained.

How do I ensure that my child is safe at Family Day Care?

Family Day Care is covered by the same regulations and legislation as long day care centres, pre-schools and before and after school programs.

Family Day Care works within the National Quality Framework and meets the requirements of the National Law and Regulations -

In addition, educators and anyone over the age of 18 years, living in the residence, must complete a working with children check and police records check. Educators must also maintain a visitors’ book so that information relating to visitors to the educator’s residence are noted and maintained

How many children will be cared for at the same time as my child?

Educators registered with family day care can care for up to four children under school age (including their own children). Educators can also have three children of school age (including their own children).

What happens if the educator is sick or goes on holidays?

If an educator is sick or on holidays, the Family Day Care coordination unit can organise backup care for the family. A staff member is also on call outside of normal working hours if back up is needed urgently.

If my child has additional needs such as dietary and/or special needs, how can this be catered for in a Family Day Care environment?

Family Day Care is ideally placed for caring for a child with additional needs. The small number of children enables an educator to provide individual care for a child who has additional needs.

Where necessary, Family Day Care can refer to external agencies for additional support for the child.

How to apply for a Family Day Care vacancy

How do I register my child for family day care?

If you are interested in applying for a vacancy you can complete the registration form online here or if you just need more information, call Queanbeyan Family Day Care on 6285 6253 or email

How are childcare places allocated?

Generally children are placed into care based on the date the family was added to the registration list. The Federal Government also sets out requirements ( in relation to the way in which children are allocated a place.

When will I be contacted about a vacancy?

As soon as the scheme has a suitable vacancy, someone from the Coordination Unit will contact you.

When I am contacted what is the next step?

Once you have been advised that the scheme has a vacancy for your children you will be asked to complete an enrolment form and you will also need to provide other documentation such as immunisation record, birth certificate for your children, and Medicare numbers.

Once this has been completed, you will be offered the name/s of educators who are able to help you with the childcare required. It is up to you to make contact with the educator and determine who is the most suitable.

90% of Queanbeyan Family Day Care educators are qualified with their Certificate III in Children’s Services, with the other 10% currently undertaking studies in their Certificate III. A number of educators have their Diploma in Childcare and/or Bachelor of Teaching.

Family Day Care - Frequently Asked Questions