Interment Options


The Lawn Cemetery

The Lawn Section within the Queanbeyan Cemetery offers a peaceful resting place for your loved one, in a structured, well maintained lawn setting.

The General Area and Services Sections of the Lawn Cemetery can take either a coffin burial or cremation interment. Both areas have a standard size headstone, either granite or concrete, depending on the area chosen and each have a choice of plaque types. All plaques are ordered and placed by Council approved Stone Mason’s only.

Bushland Cemetery

The Bushland Cemetery was officially opened on Tuesday 16 September 2003. This cemetery over time will be developed and nurtured into a Cemetery that is both in keeping with the preservation of the bushland and a place of reflection. It offers a peaceful setting amongst natural bushland and many wildlife habitats. There are kangaroo families in this area, birds and other wildlife. The echoing sounds of kookaburras can be heard from many of the trees that have been retained.

Council has imposed some conditions on this area in order to retain this natural Bushland area, and keep it as eco-friendly as possible. Ashes must be either scattered directly into the ground or placed in a calico bag. No artificial flowers of any type are permitted.

A single or double position is available. A choice of two different type of rocks are available: Mossy Rock or Granite. Both rocks include their own type of plaque, especially chosen for the Bushland setting.

Monumental Section

The Monumental Section offers a choice of either earth graves or under ground concrete vaults. The above ground monument must be approved by Council, and must be constructed by a Stonemason.

Garden Crypts

Gardenia Place provides for above ground burials. The crypts are designed to form an intimate courtyard-like feature.

Camellia Court and Rose Garden

For the interment of ashes, or as a memorial to a loved one.

Memorial Tree

A lovely stand of Crab Apple Trees face the newer part of the Lawn Cemetery. The trees are available for the interment of ashes, or as a memorial of a loved one.

Special Memories

Memorial Seats are available for purchase. The seats are in approved locations only.