Cemetery fees


Schedule of Fees - 2016/17 effective 21 July 2015

  1. All prices are inclusive of GST
  2. Prices are subject to change
  3. Prices listed do not include the cost of a plaque and/or headstone unless other stated.

For more information please contact Council on 6285 6000.  

Cemetery Sections  Total fee payable 
Lawn Section
Granite Headstone Area
New area - sections O, P, Q, R, S and T 
Single occupancy  $2,983.00 
Reservations (as approved by Council only)  $2,938.00 
Double depth occupancy  $3,154.00 
+ second interment cost  $1,721.00 
Total cost for two interments  $4,875.00 
Babies and Children's lawn area   
Babies lawn section
(maximum casket length 1.1 metres - up to four years of age 

Magnolia garden (includes plague)  $184.00 
Monumental section   
Single occupancy (includes application fee for monument permit and removal/replacement of ledger)  $4,989.00 
Double depth occupancy (includes application fee for monument permit and removal/replacement of ledger)  $5,332.00 
+ second interment costs  $1,836.00 
Total cost for two interments  $7,176.00 
Reservation - single  $4,989.00** 
Reservation - double  $7,167.00** 
** Full fees are payable on single or double plots   
All vaults double depth and includes application fee for monument permit  $9,862.00 
Reservation  $9,862.00** 
**Full fees are payable   
Gardenia Court garden crypts   
Top level  $15,824.00 
Level 3  $20,067.00 
Level 2  $21,786.00 
Ground level  $17.200.00 
Ashes - Niche Wall/Camellia court  
General services section  $775.00 
Reservation  $775.00 
Remembrance rose garden  $775.00 
Memorial crab apple tree  $775.00 
Ashes - Bushland cemetery   
Granite rock/mossy rock - single  $941.00 
Granite rock/mossy rock - double  $1,549.00 
Ashes - continued   
Ashes in new grave plot  $2,983.00 
There are graves available at a reduced cost - they are scattered throughout the cemetery for ashes only interments.  Costs are:  
Older areas - concrete section  $1,091.00 
New areas - granite section  $1,310.00 
Ashes in existing grave plot   
Concrete section  $477.00 
Granite section  $477.00 
Riverside cemetery   
Reserved plots and second interments  Price on enquiry 
Additional fees   
Burials on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays (excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday) $1,606.00 
Graves exceeding standard length, depth or width  $253.00 
Late fees (applies to burials that arrive after 3.00 pm  Monday to Friday) $362.00 
Additional vase - lawn  $190.00 
Additional metal hanging vase (hangs over headstone) - lawn  (includes installation) $260.00 
Cemetery additional vase - niche wall  $84.80 
Vase fitted to existing headstone  $264.00 
Placement fee  $37.00 
Refurbishment of bronze plaques  $179.00 
Seat - metal  $4,760.00 
Seat - timber (bushland cemetery)  $2,983.00 
Opening of grave for exhumation  $3,440.00 
Search records fee  $75.00 
Probe depth (discounted off second interment if it proceeds)  $179.00 
Base for name plate to be placed at graveside until headstone is placed  At cost price 
Niche wall, Camellia court, Rose garden, RSL wall  Price on enquiry 
Bushland, Crab Apple, Lawn single Price on enquiry 
Lawn book style  Price on enquiry 
Bushland single  Price on enquiry 
Photos 5 x 7  Price on enquiry 
Additional lines on plaques  Price on enquiry