Keeping animals


NSW Pet Registry

The Pet Registry is an online database of microchipped and registered cats and dogs that live in NSW. The register has been developed to return lost pets to their owners and to promote responsible pet ownership in the community.

If you have registered your cat or dog and it goes missing, the microchip can be scanned by an authorised person so your pet can be safely returned to you.

Owners are encouraged to create an online profile and claim their existing pets and to register ownership of any new cats and dogs. Online access to the register will give you access to update your contact details, report your pet missing and change the owner of pets.

You can access the NSW Pet Registry online here.

Council has also developed a local orders policy for the Keeping of Domestic Animals which can be downloaded here.


In accordance with the Companion Animals Act 1998 it is compulsory for all dogs and cats to be permanently identified (micro-chipped) by the age of 12 weeks and registered for life by age six months in NSW.


Microchipping is a quick, safe and virtually painless. The microchip itself is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted under the skin of the animal between its shoulder blades. The microchip is not active (inert) and contains only a bar code. When the animal is scanned, the microchip scanner emits a low radio frequency signal that is intercepted by the microchip.

Micro-chipping can be performed by your local vet, or alternatively, at the pound by qualified microchip implanter. Microchipping can be performed by the Queanbeyan pound for a fee.


Queanbeyan City Council is a responsible ‘agent’ for accepting and processing applications for registration of animals in NSW. Animal registration applications and fees can be lodged at the Pound or at the front counter of the Administration building, 257 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan.

All applications for registration are to be filled out in full and signed by the animal owner who must be over the age of 18 years. As the animal must be microchipped before registration, a copy of the microchip form along with copies of any concession you wish to claim must be submitted at the time of registration.

To claim a concession you must have at least one of the following:

  • A certificate of sterilization from your vet
  • If the animal owner is a registered breeder, a copy of their membership of an approved organisation.
  • If the animal is an assistance animal, evidence of assistance animal registration from an approved organisation
  • If the animal owner is a pensioner, a current government pension card

Moving House

Please remember to update you pets details when you move house. Forms are available from the Pound or by phoning 02 6285 6269. Failure to update your contact details may result in a fine.

Changing Ownership

If you sell or give your pet away you must complete a change of owner form to update the pet’s details on the NSW Companion Animal Register. As the “old owner” it is your responsibility to complete the form including the “new owners” details and signature and then lodge the form at the Pound or Council's Customer Service Centre. For further information, please phone 02 6285 6269. Failure to update ownership details may result in a fine.

Companion Animal Forms