Group of pets in a line

Animals for sale
Queanbeyan City Council seeks to re-house the following domestic animals which are currently at the City Pound. Any unclaimed animals may be available for sale
Barking Dogs
This can be a very distressing time for the owner of a dog that has had a complaint made about it. It’s important to know that we, as Rangers are here to help you get to the bottom of this problem
Cat Ownership
Cats are for many people valued pets and companions. Cats have both positive and negative impacts in the community. Responsible cat ownership can minimise the negative impacts of cats, whilst allowing ...
Chew Toy Cookbook
Dogs are programmed to hunt for their food. We can improve their quality of life by giving them chew toys stuffed with hidden food.
Dog Off Leash areas
Find out where you can exercise your dog off the leash
Dog Ownership
Many people enjoy having a dog for companionship, security and having fun, but everyone who owns a dog must be aware of their responsibilities.
Fees and Charges
All fees and charges relating to the keeping of animals and impounding fees
Keeping animals
Find out about what types of animals can be kept and how to register them.
The Pound
Queanbeyan City Council operates an Animal Pound which is located on Old Sydney Road, Queanbeyan