Say ‘hi’ to your neighbour on Neighbour Day

24 March 2015

Don’t forget to say hi to your neighbour this Sunday 29 March, which is officially ‘Neighbour Day’ across Australia.

Since 2003 Neighbour Day has become an annual celebration of community, bringing together the people next door, across the street or from the next property.

Mayor Tim Overall said neighbours who were on good terms were able to work together to respond to adversities such as natural disasters, and were better equipped to help the elderly and vulnerable.

“The importance of good will between neighbours, whether living in the same street, suburb or locality cannot be underestimated, and contributes to our sense of well-being and our identity. Good relationships are integral to our civil society,” Cr Overall said.

Neighbour Day was founded in Melbourne in March 2003 by Andrew Heslop after the remains of an elderly woman were found inside her suburban home two years after her death. Widespread media interest followed and it was this coverage that prompted Andrew to suggest a ‘National Check on Your Neighbour Day’.

Karabar resident Finola Doran is a local champion for Neighbour Day and has decided to lead the way in building connections within her community. “Our journey started a couple of years ago with a neighbour turning on his Christmas lights and inviting the people in the street to gather for a drink.

“Last year I planned a street party to build community spirit, the celebration went very well and we agreed to gather again to celebrate Neighbour Day. This year we are looking forward to another street party.”