Queanbeyan dollars shopping card launched

30 April 2015

Queanbeyan Mayor, Cr Tim Overall yesterday launched an exciting new initiative which is aimed at supporting local businesses by encouraging shopping in Queanbeyan.

The Queanbeyan dollars shopping card works in the same way as other gift cards, however the card can only be used at Queanbeyan businesses who have signed up to the program. Currently, more than 50 Queanbeyan businesses have registered to participate in the initiative, with about 10 of those businesses also 'load-up' stores where people can purchase the cards.

"Queanbeyan has a range of successful and interesting businesses through the city and to ensure their success into the future, Queanbeyan residents need to support them," Cr Overall said. "The Queanbeyan dollars initiative is a great program that has been successful in many other areas across NSW and Australia and I believe it will have a great impact on Queanbeyan's business community.

“It’s not just CBD-centric with businesses involved in the initiative spread across the entire Queanbeyan Local Government Area."

The Mayor said 11 towns across NSW are currently participating in the promotion, with over half a million dollars spent across these towns through the specialised shopping cards.

“You will be able to put up to $1,000 on each shopping card and buy the cards from participatory businesses. It's no secret that more than 60% of Queanbeyan's working population travels to Canberra for work each day, we want to make sure that where possible these residents are shopping locally and supporting Queanbeyan businesses."

Council will be the coordinating organisation for the first 12 months of this promotional campaign, which will see the introduction of shopping cards for participating businesses in Queanbeyan.

For more information on the initiative and a list of participating businesses visit http://qccoldsite.staging.elcomcms.com/Qbn-Dollars-shopping-card.