Queanbeyan City Council reaches out to youth

25 August 2015

Queanbeyan City Council is extending its youth services to include an outreach service.

Queanbeyan Mayor Tim Overall said the outreach project, to be run by Queanbeyan’s Youth Axis Centre, was timely with a recent surge in graffiti and car theft across the city.

“Council’s youth services team will visit skate parks and other hotspots where young people are coming together in the evenings around Queanbeyan. The team will be equipped with a barbecue to cook food, and have electronic and outdoor games and even musical instruments to engage young people,” he said.

“The youth team will also provide information on drugs and alcohol, education and resume writing.”

Mayor Overall said a $10,500 grant from the NSW Attorneys General Department would allow equipment for the project to be bought.

“Council is very grateful for the initial set-up grant from the NSW Government. It’s an ambitious project but Council is hopeful it can make a difference in the lives of some of the marginalised people in our community.

"The project will start next school term. The aim is to run it for eight weeks four times a year during school terms. We are in it for the long haul.”

Mayor Overall said the program had the support of local police and would provide advocacy as well. “It’s the youth centre on wheels,” he said.