Positive results from Community Satisfaction Survey

"I would like to thank the 602 residents who gave up around 25 minutes of their time to complete the telephone survey. 28 August 2015

Seven in 10 residents are satisfied with the performance of Queanbeyan City Council, the 2015 community satisfaction survey has shown.

IRIS Research undertook a random telephone survey of 602 Queanbeyan residents during June 2015, asking a range of questions relating to Council services.

"This survey provides Council with some very valuable information and will help us plan for the future, especially the development of the Delivery Program following the next local government elections," Queanbeyan Mayor, Cr Tim Overall said.

"The survey provides Council with an understanding of where it may need to redirect resources, where it is doing a good job and what is important to the community moving forward.

“In this survey, Council received an IRIS benchmark index score of 69, which compares favourably to the average of comparable councils of 66."

Some of the key findings of the survey include:

  • 69.7% of residents surveyed were satisfied with Council's performance and 8.8% were dissatisfied.
  • The top three ranking Council services were sewerage services (mean score out of 5 - 4.72), water supply (4.68) and household waste collection (4.64).
  • The three lowest ranking Council services were services and facilities for families with young children (3.90), car parking enforcement (3.85) and the balance between development and conservation (3.73)
  • The largest increase in satisfaction between the 2008 and 2015 surveys were access to indoor sports and recreation facilities (41% in 2008 - 70% in 2015), providing and developing a suitable road network to keep traffic flowing (67% in 2008 - 83% in 2015), developing services and facilities in line with population growth (65% in 2008 - 86% in 2015).
  • Opinion was evenly split between reasonable (48.4%) and too high (47.5%) in regards to respondents' perceptions of Council rates. However, 39% of respondents believe they received good value for money for their rates, while 19.7% believe they received poor value for money.
  • When asked about their preference for improvements of developments in Queanbeyan, respondents nominated over 30 improvement areas however there were three top priorities. 23.4% of respondents sighted roads/traffic, 10% highlighted the shopping centre/CBD/main street and 8.6% were keen to see a movie theatre development.

"The results of the survey are pleasing and confirm that Council is on the right path with many of its projects and services," Cr Overall said. "This data will be valuable for the elected Council and staff as we develop plans to move Queanbeyan forward."

The full Community Satisfaction Survey report is available on Council's website