New policy allows reassessment of water meter sizes

24 September 2015

A number of Queanbeyan property owners will be able to seek a review of their water meter size following Queanbeyan’s City Council’s adoption of the Water Meter Size Reassessment Policy at its meeting last night.

“The adoption of this policy will allow Council to assess water meter sizes and where the property and water usage permits, alter the size of the water meter to best fit the property’s use,” Queanbeyan Mayor, Cr Tim Overall said.

“The Policy is open to any property owner that has a water meter size of 32mm or greater and is generally targeted at properties in industrials areas of Queanbeyan where it was a requirement for a 40mm water meter to be installed. Investigations have shown that in some cases a 40mm water meter is not required and could be replaced with a smaller water meter, which subsequently comes at a lower annual cost.”

Property owners will be able to request a desktop assessment of their property via Council. The results of this assessment will be provided to the property owner who can decide, based on the recommendations, to receive a detailed assessment which may or may not result in the water meter size be adjusted.

Following the adoption of the policy, Council staff will be finalising the procedure to ensure the reassessments flow smoothly. It is expected that Council will be in a position to accept reassessment requests from 1 November.

Download the Water Meter Size Reassessment form - once completed please email to