Fit for the future - latest news

The Fit for the Future program has been a hot topic in local government for the past year and on Tuesday the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal released its assessment of NSW councils. This assessment looked at the business cases councils put forward earlier this year in which they aimed to be declared ‘Fit for the Future’. As you may remember, Queanbeyan City Council proposed a Regional Service Provider model which modelling showed would have seen us achieve six of the seven financial benchmarks, and achieve the seventh within three years. In assessing our proposal, IPART deemed Queanbeyan City Council unfit, not based on our financial position, but in relation to scale and capacity. As such, Council will be discussing the report as a collective and looking at further incentives for councils to merge, as announced by the NSW Government. We will be proposing further discussions between local councils, noting that the government has requested a response by 18 November.

The full report and a summary report from IPART can be viewed here -