Council to host Community Renewable Energy Forum

3 March 2015

Coordinators of successful renewable energy projects from NSW and Victoria will be speaking at a Community Renewable Energy Forum in Queanbeyan on Thursday 19 March.

Queanbeyan City Council has developed the Community Renewable Energy Forum following the adoption of the Community Climate Change Action Plan in 2012.

"This is a very exciting community forum and number of very interesting speakers will be sharing their knowledge and information with those in attendance," Queanbeyan Mayor, Cr Tim Overall said.

"The concept of community renewable energy is very interesting and has resulted in some successful projects across the country, especially in NSW and Victoria.  In adopting the Community Climate Change Action Plan in August 2012, Queanbeyan City Council made a commitment that it would work with the community to contribute positively to both the local and global response to climate change."

The forum will be held in Queanbeyan on Thursday 19 March at 5.30pm at the RB Smith Community Centre, 262 Crawford St. The speakers include Martin May, ex-director of Hepburn Wind, Lawrence McIntosh of Solar Share, Jodie Pipkorn from SEEChange, and representatives from NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and The South East Regional of Renewable Energy Excellence.

Residents will be introduced to already-established community renewable energy programs in the area that they can be a part of. Following the forum, the community will be asked for feedback via an expression of interest form sent out to all Queanbeyan residents.

The collected data will help establish a working group in Queanbeyan that will be active in the community renewable energy space. Council also believes that a successful forum might help develop an education model for community participation in renewable energy that could be applied to other regions.

Under the renewable energy theme of the Community Climate Change Action Plan, the foremost action is to investigate opportunities for community and council partnerships for community-owned renewable energy systems. Council staff is working with the Queanbeyan Sustainability Group and others to introduce Queanbeyan to the concept of community renewable energy.