Council secures funding for Platypus Dreaming public art project

12 February 2015

Queanbeyan City Council has been successful in securing funding for the 'Platypus Dreaming' project - a community public art project to be developed at this year's Queanbeyan River Festival.

Council’s Community and Cultural Development section received funding through the Country Arts Support Program (CASP) through Regional Arts NSW for the project.

‘Platypus Dreaming’ will be a community-partnered project of a platypus mosaic artwork framed by Aboriginal-painted artwork depicting a story of the platypus and the Queanbeyan River. The mosaic will be developed by the community over three days at this year’s Queanbeyan River Festival in October.

“This funding allows the community to work on another public art project, building on the success of other art works completed such as the mosaic panels by community groups in Crawford St and the recently-launched mosaic floral emblem panels in the new Federation Garden in Wanniasa Park," Council's Cultural Development Officer Georgina Perri said.

"The advantage of using mosaics as the chosen medium for community projects is that the participants can pick up the basics relatively easily, even if they have no prior experience.”

The artwork will be designed by local artists and the piece will be worked on by the community on the riverbank as part of the Clearwater Sculpture Prize in October. Once complete, Council will find a suitable location for the artwork along the banks of the Queanbeyan River.

This is a very exciting project and Council is pleased to have received funding for it," Queanbeyan Mayor, Cr Overall said. "The Queanbeyan River provides a very healthy habitat for platypus and we are lucky to have a significant population within the area. The Platypus Dreaming project will recognise the connection of platypus to the Queanbeyan River and will also allow the community to be involved in developing a public art project."