Council proceeds with master planning for cinema complex

2 September 2015

Queanbeyan City Council is continuing with master planning for the possible development of a cinema complex in the Morisset St carpark.

Council has engaged Stewart Architecture to develop a master plan for the site and to prepare a carparking strategy for the CBD. It is expected that these reports will be complete in the coming weeks and will be presented to Council soon after. The Cinema Advisory Committee continues to explore options to facilitate a cinema in the CBD.

At its meeting on 26 August, Council endorsed the Morisset St site as the preferred location for a cinema and confirmed its intention to progress to feasibility assessments and expressions of interest for a cinema operator following the finalisation of the master planning exercise.

Rescission motion received

Council's General Manager, Mr Peter Tegart, confirmed that a rescission motion had been received in relation to the motion adopted at Council’s meeting on 26 August to cease spending on the Queen Elizabeth Park, CBD Stage 2 Improvements Project and the potential reallocation of $3.8m to a cinema project.

The rescission motion will be considered at Council's September meeting.

“In accord with the Local Government Act, substantial changes to the adopted 2015-16 Operational Plan requires exhibition for community comment. Should the rescission motion be unsuccessful and following consideration of the cinema master plan, the Council may resolve to redirect loan borrowings from the Queen Elizabeth Park to the cinema project. At that stage the community will then have a formal opportunity to make comment on the proposed change to the Operational Plan.

"That feedback will be presented to councillors to make a final decision regarding the funding."