Council cleans up Queabneyan Park after sewage spill

3 August 2015

Queanbeyan City Council staff were called out early Sunday morning to deal with a minor effluent discharge from a manhole in Queanbeyan Park.

Queanbeyan City Council General Manager Peter Tegart said staff were on hand promptly to clean up the discharge and disinfect the footpath and place signage in the area.

Mr Tegart said the spill was contained in the retention pond in the park.

He said water quality in the park was currently being monitored and asked people to stay clear of the pond area for a couple of days.

“It appears personal hygiene products were a partial cause of the blockage in the sewer pipes leading to the spill from the manhole, which may also have been exacerbated by the rain.

“I’d remind everyone their actions in the home matter. Please dispose of personal products thoughtfully and hygienically and not down the toilet or drains. A big problem is also emerging with the disposal of face and nappy wipes, these materials do not break down,” he said.

“Fats and oils are also a common source of blocked drains and should not be washed down the drain.

“Council is now preparing an incident report which will be given to local authorities for their information and I thank everybody involved in the clean-up effort on Sunday morning.”