Council briefs - January

28 January 2015

Interim solution for Barracks Flat Drive/Cooma St/Thornton Rd intersection

Queanbeyan City Council has endorsed a variation to the tender to prepare the design of Old Cooma Rd Stage 3. The variation will allow the contractor, SMEC Australia, to design an interim upgrade of the intersection of Barracks Flat Dr, Cooma St and Thornton Rd. SMEC Australia was engaged by Council in August 2014 to design Stage 3 of the Old Cooma Rd upgrade which will see the road duplicated from Edwin Land Parkway to Southbar Rd. Construction of the duplication is not required until 2026, however increased traffic in the area has required Council to undertake interim works on the Barracks Flat/Thornton Rd intersection. A traffic study has been undertaken on the intersection to determine the most suitable interim solution. A roundabout was considered and later dismissed as it would cause excessive delays for northbound traffic during the morning peak. The most appropriate solution from the traffic study was a 'seagull' type intersection that will allow dedicated turning lanes in and out of Barracks Flat Drive and would restrict Thornton Rd to left in, left out. The interim intersection design is expected to be placed on public exhibition in February 2015. The work is planned to be undertaken later in the 2014-15 financial year.

Investments continue to perform well

Council's investments continue to perform well in 2014-15 with more than $270,000 made in December 2014. The December result took the year-to-date interest earned on cash and cash equivalent investments to $1,545.252, almost $400,000 above the year-to-date budget.

Homebuyers to be notified of Mr Fluffy properties

Council has agreed to notify home buyers in the Queanbeyan area if they are purchasing a property known to contain loose-fill asbestos known as Mr Fluffy. The NSW Government recently announced the establishment of a taskforce to consider options such as government purchase, demolition and owner rebuilds of affected homes. In addition the Government foreshadowed the need to incorporate notification to potential buyers about the existence of the asbestos in homes they are thinking of buying. In the light of this action Council has taken the proactive step of including information about the use of loose fill asbestos in the Queanbeyan area on Section 149 certificates, which are issued by councils and provide information about planning restrictions on blocks of land. A 149 certificate is required to be attached as part of the conveyancing documentation when contracts are exchanged on any land sold in NSW and provides information which is available to a prospective purchaser. This process will remain in place until the NSW Government introduces its own legislation as to notification requirements around the presence of loose-fill asbestos in homes.

Changes to traffic management on Bicentennial Dr

Council has adopted a Local Area Traffic Management Scheme for the eastern portion of Bicentennial Drive in Jerrabomberra. The adopted scheme will now be presented to the Local Traffic Committee for its comment and recommendation. The adopted Scheme is in response to a history of speeding vehicles and accidents in the area and aims to slow the traffic and reduce the distance pedestrians need to cross travel lanes. The adopted plans show travel lanes in each direction and a dedicated cycle lane for eastbound traffic. The westbound travel lane is a shared lane for both vehicles and cyclists. Following consultation, changes were made to the draft scheme with parking permitted on the western side of Bicentennial Dr between Brudenell and Balcombe Sts.

For more information contact - Tonia Liosatos - Communications Coordinator on 6285 6588.