Council adopts structure to place emphasis on economic development of Queanbeyan

26 March 2015

Queanbeyan City Council has adopted an organisational structure, which places an emphasis on the future economic development of the city.

The structure was last night adopted by Council and will see the creation of an Economic Development Unit to help drive business growth in the Queanbeyan Local Government Area.

At its January meeting, Council asked management to investigate the establishment of an Economic Development Unit.

The restructure will see Queanbeyan City Council move to a four director structure, with the Chief Financial Officer also reporting to the General Manager. The directorates will be Environmental Planning and Development, People, Processes and Technology, Economic and Community Development and Infrastructure Services.

The aim of the restructure was not to implement job and staff cuts, rather an opportunity to refocus the organisation on potential growth opportunities for the local government area as well as strengthening the emphasis on service delivery. The new structure will also better position Council for the Fit for the Future process of local government reform currently being progressed by the NSW State Government.

Over the coming weeks Council’s management will be working through the implementation of the new structure which will see changes in reporting lines, reviews of position descriptions and changes in delegations. Council will be working through the changes with any affected individuals to ensure compliance with Award provisions and a smooth transition into the new structure. However, for the vast majority of staff the changes will mean ‘business as usual’ with only their reporting lines altering.