Council offers the following incentives for local residents and business.

  • free home tune-up
  • free AAA shower rose
  • free dual flush toilet
  • subsidies for rainwater tanks
  • subsidies for commercial properties

For more information click on the links below or download the WaterWise brochure.


Commercial rebates

As part of the WaterWise program, Council offers subsidies for Commercial Properties. The subsidy is now $365. This subsidy goes towards the replacement of a single flush, or dual flush toilet which is above six litres, to a six litre dual flush toilet. Council also offers free AAA Showerheads.

In order to receive the subsidy, commercial property owners must:

  • Complete the Commercial Water Saving Subsidy Form;
  • Council will carry out a pre-inspection prior to installation of toilets;
  • Arrange for quotes from a Master Plumber or a licenced plumber to replace the single flush toilets to 6 litre dual flush at the owner's cost; and once installed;
  • Arrange for Council to conduct a final inspection when toilets have been installed.

If any further enquiries regarding the subsidy please contact Council’s Waterwise Officer on 6285 6243.

Commercial water saving subsidy form

Home Tune Up

Under the Home Tune Up Program Queanbeyan City Council will pay for residents to have their homes “tuned up” by a Waterwise trained plumber through the Master Plumbers Association.

The WaterWise “tune up” involves the installation of a free water efficient shower rose (AAA), a water audit which identifies water use and replaces two leaking tap washers.

If you purchase your own AAA shower rose Council will give a $30 rebate (or the cost of the showerhead whichever is lower,) after sighting the shower rose and receiving a copy of the receipt. This will be installed by one of Council’s contracted plumbers. Warranty is void if showerhead is installed by owner/tenant.

When the owner has a Home Tune-up carried out they are entitled to have their single flush toilet converted to a dual flush or if it is a dual flush toilet above 6 litres this can also be replaced. Council supplies the toilet (choice of two only in white).

As part of the program owners have to submit an application form, Council then organise for the WaterWise Tune Up and Dual Flush Toilet replacement to be completed by an approved WaterWise Master Plumber.

If the owner purchases their own toilet Council offers a subsidy of $140 which is paid after the toilet has been installed by one of Council’s contracted plumbers. To be eligible for the rebate, Council require a copy of the toilet receipt including name and address. Owners can request a plumber provided that that they are one of our approved Waterwise Master Plumbers.

To apply for a subsidy for residential home water saving measures, download the application form below and return it to Queanbeyan City Council.

Waterwise Residential Subsidy - Home Tune Up - application form

Information on saving water

Rainwater Tank Subsidies

Council offers a subsidy for Rainwater Tanks which applies to tanks purchased after 25 July 2007.

Tank size
Tank subsidy
Connection to toilet(s)
Connection to washing machine(s)
Maximum total subsidy
2,000 – 3,999 Litres
4,000 – 9,999 Litres
10,000 or greater
Connection for existing tank
  • Plus an additional $110 where a DA is required.
  • Plus an additional $165 where a Section 68 Application is required.
  • Security age, location and attributes


Development Application is to be lodged if a rainwater tank exceeds 10,000 litres. A Section 68 application form is to be lodged if tank is internally plumbed. Before installing tank contact Council’s Environmental Section on 6285 6266 for the requirements of installing a tank.


A rebate will be offered provided the following conditions are met:

  • Rebates only apply to premises connected to the Queanbeyan City Council water supply.
  • The total rebate from Council's scheme cannot exceed the total cost of the tank and installation.
  • That an inspections has been carried out by Council.
  • Internal connections to the laundry and/or toilet must be by a licenced plumber in accordance with AS 3500.
  • There must be no indirect connection for “topping up” from the reticulated water supply but must be separated from the water in the rainwater tank by a visible air gap external to the tank.
  • All backflow prevention devices must comply with AS/NZS 2845.1.
  • Rainwater tanks installed to comply with BASIX for new homes, major renovations or pool installation are not eligible for a rebate
  • Council only offers one subsidy per household.

To apply for the subsidy, please contact the WaterWise officer on 6285 6243 or download the Rainwater Tank Subsidy Application Form. If you require information on the installation of tanks and/or you require a development application please contact Environmental Services on 6285 6266.

Rainwater tank subsidy application form

Washing Machine Rebate

front loading washing machine

A rebate of $200 will be offered on the purchase of a new 4 or 5 Star WELS Rating front loading washing machine purchased from 6 April 2005 or any new 4 or 5 Star WELS Rating Top Loader purchased from 1 May 2007.


  • Please provide a copy of the receipt for the purchase of the washing machine showing the brand, model and model number of the machine and attach with the application form
  • To be installed in a premises connected to the Queanbeyan City Council Water/Sewer supply/li>
  • An inspection will be carried out by Queanbeyan City Council
  • rebate will be deposited into account

Download washing machine rebate application form.