Tree Management


The Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council incorporated tree preservation requirements into the Queanbeyan Development Control Plan 2012. The requirements replace the Council’s previous Tree Preservation Order.


A permit is required for the removal, ringbarking, lopping, topping, poisoning, pruning, or relocation of all existing trees in Queanbeyan, both native and exotic, having:

  • a height of six metres or greater, or
  • a canopy spread of three metres or greater.

A permit is not required if the tree is:

  • within six metres of a residential building in an urban area;
  • within 12 metres of a residential building in a rural area;
  • to be pruned as part of routine pruning of fruit trees, forestry work or commercial horticulture;
  • a weed, as specified on website for noxious weeds in NSW, NSW Department of Primary Industries, NSW Weedwise,;
  • a tree on Council Managed Lands where the proposed work is approved by Council.

Significant Trees

A development application is required for any works affecting a significant tree, regardless of height, canopy or location. For more information contact the Council’s Parks and Recreation Section on (02) 6285 6000.

Heritage and Aboriginal conservation

A permit cannot be granted for the ringbarking, cutting down, topping, lopping, removal, injuring or destruction of a tree or other vegetation that is or forms part of a heritage item or that is within a heritage conservation area, or that is or forms part of an Aboriginal object, or that is within an Aboriginal place of heritage significance unless the Council is satisfied that the proposed activity:

  • is of a minor nature or is for the maintenance of the item/object/area; and
  • would not adversely affect the heritage significance of the item/object/area.

Obtaining a permit

Council is excited to announce a new pilot collaboration with Service New South Wales. You can start your application online here.

To make our customer service experience a better one, you may now apply for tree services within the QPRC Local Government Area using the Service NSW Tree Services Application.

Why are we doing this? The demand for online services around the country are ever expanding. By leveraging the expertise of Service NSW in presenting and delivering requests for service, QPRC is expediting your requests and reducing the dependency on paper-driven documentation. During this pilot program, we will be examining the speed and efficiency of the system, and check back with you, our customers to see how you felt the experience was.

If you would like to contact the tree services area please call the Queanbeyan office on 02 6285 6000.

Have you put your request through using this new service, we'd love to hear about your experience.

Feedback about tree services through Service NSW