Climate Change
Council adopted a Climate Change Action Plan for its operations in August 2013. This plan commits Council to a target of a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 (from a 2009-10 baseline)
Platypus Awareness and Conservation
Queanbeyan is especially fortunate in that platypus are currently found along the length of the Queanbeyan River within the city boundaries and can often be observed, especially at dawn and dusk, clos ...
Queanbeyan River
The Queanbeyan River is 70 kilometres in length and the river catchment is 96,000 hectares in size. The Queanbeyan River is part of the water supply needs of Queanbeyan and the Canberra region. The si ...
Saving water
Tips and ideas on how you can save water around your home
Sustainability Resources
You can find some great information here on sustainability programs and resources designed to help people live more sustainably