Pests and Weeds Management
Pest and weed management is one of the many areas that council and local landowners can work to side by side to achieve a common goal.
Pollution Control and Monitoring
Council's rangers can investigate and take action for litter, waste/rubbish dumping and pollution.
Queanbeyan City Council is dedicated to the protection and improvement of the environment and undertakes a variety of projects and programs to help improve the local environment.
Tree Management
A permit is required for the removal, ringbarking, lopping, topping, poisoning, pruning, or relocation of all existing trees in Queanbeyan, both native or exotic, a height of six metres or greater, or ...
Waste and Recycling
Queanbeyan City Council's waste management system includes a three-bin system that offers the collection of waste, recycling and green waste to Queanbeyan residents
Queanbeyan City Council has an agreement with Icon Water to purchase water from it. Queanbeyan’s water supply is sourced primarily from the Cotter system and supplemented by supplies from Googong Dam, ...