Sustainable design and building

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Queanbeyan City Council supports and encourages sustainable design and building in the Queanbeyan region, from design and construction of new homes to retrofitting of existing buildings. To lead by example, Council adopted a Sustainable Design Policy for its own Council Buildings in 2013. This requires meaningful consideration of sustainable design in all building and renovation projects through a number of assessment tools. 

All Queanbeyan residents are encouraged to make use of the online Sustainable Housing Project factsheets and local case studies in retrofits or new builds, and ask questions at sustainable housing events. Many financial, personal and environmental benefits of a sustainable and energy efficient design can be achieved at little to no additional building cost when your house plan suits your block of land from the beginning.

Information and Resources

The websites and resources below can help you in planning your next project:

  • Home Comforts Magazine - A guide to building a home more sustainable which has been developed specifically for the South-East region
  • Local information on renewable energy options and energy efficiency - a website maintained by FuturePLANS (Palerang Local Action Network for Sustainability) to help you chose and implement the right renewable energy solutions for yourself, your family and community. Information includes energy efficiency, rooftop solar and wind solutions for home owners, landlords, renters and businesses.
  • Your Home - in-depth details and tools to enable sustainable home design, construction and renovation projects
  • Sustainable House - Michael Mobb's sustainable house and street food projects in Sydney
  • Canberra's Sustainable House - Local project with great ideas and examples
  • Sanctuary Magazine - Modern green homes magazine and website
  • Sustainable House Day - Free annual Australia wide event - you can check out a sustainable house in your neighbourhood
  • HIA Green Smart - The Housing Industry Association's program to promote practical, affordable and durable environmental solutions for residential design and construction
  • Living Green - provides information on government grants and rebates that may be available to renters and home owners
  • NaTHERS - Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme
  • Ecospecifier - Eco-friendly products, materials, technologies and resources
  • Queanbeyan City Council Sustainability - Further information on sustainability and the environment in Queanbeyan

Sustainable Design Policy for Council Buildings

Council adopted a Sustainable Design Policy for Council Buildings in July 2013.

This policy and accompanying Strategy and Toolkit were developed through a consultation process with many of the varied staff and teams involved in building projects.

The intent of the policy is to ensure Council's Sustainability Policy can be effectively implemented in all of our building processes.

The Policy applies to all building and Renovation projects at Council - from small renovations to large million dollar buildings.

All projects need to undertake a Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) in consultation with the Sustainability Officer and/or Smarter Action Squad team. This consultation should take place at the earliest stage of the project's initiation.

It is the Project Manager's responsibility to implement the Sustainable Building Design Policy.

For small projects, the requirements are simple and the Checklist and Toolkit can be used. For larger projects, the Sustainable Design Scorecard should be used along with the project management checklists in the Toolkit. For very large building or infrastructure projects, external certification is required. This certification is internationally regarded and requiring this certification is a cutting edge policy measure in Australian local government.