Land use zoning and maps

To find out the development potential of a parcel of land the first thing to do is check the land use zone and the deposited plan. To ensure accuracy in the advice provided regarding zonings Council does not give out zoning over the telephone or by e-mail.

There are two ways to identify land use zones:

  • By viewing the zoning maps online or at Council’s office; or
  • By purchasing a Planning Certificate from Council. 

Once you know what the land use zone is then the Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan 2012 needs to be looked at. This is a statutory planning instrument which outlines what types of development are permissible in each zone

Zoning Maps

The Local Environmental Plan zoning maps are available to view online through the following link.

Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan Map Index

After clicking on this link above scroll down the table labelled Land Zoning Map. This table will detail 11 different map numbers as Queanbeyan is divided into 11 maps. The grid below has been provided as a guide to the suburbs within Queanbeyan and the map number that each suburb corresponds to within the Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan Map Index.

Zoning maps can also be viewed at Council’s Sustainability and Better Living Section located on the first floor at 257 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan. Office Hours: Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm. Please ask to speak to the Duty Town Planner for all zoning enquiries.

What is a Planning Certificate?

When land is bought or sold in New South Wales the Conveyancing Act 1919 requires a planning certificate be attached to the contract for sale. Planning certificates are issued by Councils under Section 149 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and provide information on how the land may be used and restrictions on its development. There are two types of planning certificates available to be purchased:

  • A Section 149(2) planning certificate must be attached to a contract for the sale of land and contains information prescribed to be included by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000; and
  • A Section 149(5) planning certificate contains additional information on other relevant matters that may affect the land.

Note: Planning certificates are only current for the date they are issued.

Applying for a Planning Certificate

Planning certificates can be obtained by filling out an application form through Council's online services or by submitting a hard copy form. Certificates are processed within seven working days of being received by Council and are sent via email or the post.


  • Section 149(2) planning certificate – $53.00.
  • Section 149 (2) and (5) planning certificate - $133.00

What is a Deposited Plan?

A deposited plan (DP) gives legal definition to property boundaries and forms part of the certificate of title for a parcel of land. The DP contains a plan showing individual lots and often a written instrument is attached that outlines any easements or restrictions on the land.

NSW Land and Property Information provides a range of services including title searches and plan images. Council can also supply copies of Deposited Plans for a small fee.