Information Sheets

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Exempt Development Information Sheets

Below are some of the common types of minor development that may be exempt. Information sheets have been developed by the NSW Department of Planning and you are able to download the information sheets by clicking on the link above.         

  • Advertising & signage
  • Aerials & antennas
  • Balconies & decks
  • Carports & garages
  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • Pathways & paving
  • Patios & pergolas
  • Terraces
  • Satellite dishes


The NSW LawAssist website contains details information relating to fences including:

Development Applications

Building work, subdivision, and new uses of land that are not Exempt or Complying Development require development consent to be obtained from Council via the submission of a Development Application (DA) prior to the commencement of the works and/or use.

  1. Development Process Flowchart
  2. Pre-lodgement Consultation
  3. How To Reduce Delays When Lodging a DA
  4. Political Donations and Gifts Statement Disclosure
  5. Declaration of Political Donations and Gifts for Submitters
  6. Additional Information Requests To Enable Council To Determine a DA
  7. Refund of DA Fees


General Information