Heritage Building

Heritage Development Controls

Development of listed Heritage Items, or to a property within a Heritage Conservation Area, or in the vicinity of a listed Heritage Item, is subject to specific development standards and controls. The demolition of a habitable building that was built prior to 1960 may also be subject to these controls.

Refer to Clause 5.10 - Heritage conservation of the Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan 2012 and Part 4 - Heritage and Conservation of the Queanbeyan Development Control Plan 2012.

Heritage Listed Items and Heritage Conservation Areas

  • Heritage Items of local and state significance are listed in Schedule 5 - Environmental heritage of the Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan 2012.
  • Heritage Conservation Areas, as well as Heritage Items are shown on the Heritage Maps of the Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan 2012.

Heritage Advisory Committee

Queanbeyan City Council is committed to recognising and where possible to preserving the Heritage of the city. A long standing committee has been set up for this purpose with the objectives as follows:

Monitoring heritage policy, advising Council on heritage issues, raising community awareness of heritage issues, review funding submissions and commenting on specific development applications when requested by Council and involving the demolition of buildings built prior to 1960, and major development likely to affect the streetscape in cases for sites that are within a heritage conservation area or are listed as a heritage item under Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan 2012.

The Committee meets monthly

Free Heritage Advice

Council also provides free of charge to rate payers, the services of a qualified Heritage Advisor, who is able to give advice on Heritage – be it renovation, restoration, rebuilding and demolition. You can arrange an appointment by contacting Council on 02 6285 6276.

The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) provides access to the State Heritage Inventory which contains over 25,000 heritage items on statutory lists in New South Wales. It is also possible to access a heritage consultant and conservation and services directory.

The OEH has produced a document called Heritage Listing Explained which outlines the benefits and effects of listing properties for owners and the community. This document answers commonly asked questions and gives owners a practical insight into how to make sympathetic changes.

You can also find technical information and resources on how to maintain heritage items on the OEH web site. Technical Advice

Heritage Awards

Council continues to offer local Heritage Awards to encourage restoration work in Queanbeyan involving preservation, sympathetic additions and/or appropriate adaptation carried out on Heritage commercial buildings, residential buildings or heritage landscape such as parks, gardens and streetscapes. The awards also seek to encourage good modern building design, which could become part of the district's heritage in the future. These are awarded annually during the Heritage Festival in April.

Visit Heritage Awards

Grant Funds for Heritage Buildings

As part of Council’s commitment to the protection of the community’s heritage, Council in conjunction with the NSW Department of Planning’s Heritage Office, has established a Local Heritage Assistance Fund. The fund assists owners with the cost of maintaining buildings that are considered to have heritage significance to the community. The Local Heritage Assistance Fund provides grants on a dollar for dollar basis for work on heritage listed buildings and buildings within the Heritage Conservation Area. For further information see The Local Heritage Assistance Fund

Heritage Consultant List

Inclusion in the list is not an endorsement by the Heritage Banch or the Heritage Council of NSW.

Brendan O'Keefe
41 Morton Street
Queanbeyan NSW 2620
6297 2631 0422 527 400
Heritage impact statements and assessments, histories, policies and recommendations as part of conservation management plans.
Pamela Hubert
Hubert Architects
PO Box 9145
Deakin ACT 2600
6288 2901 0417 409 686
Heritage studies and assessments, statements of heritage impact and architectural services. NSW Architects Registration Board No: 5760  
Aedeen Cremin
PO Box 330
Yass NSW 2582
6226 3074 0408 956 979
Rural and industrial heritage for local and regional heritage studies.
Lyn O'Brien
Biosis Research
PO Box 7703
Fyshwick ACT 261
9228 1599 0413 625 069
Indigenous and historical heritage impact assessments, conservation planning and advice and heritage policy for government agencies. 
Michael Pearson
84 Ballarat St
Fisher ACT 2611
6288 4147
Research, heritage assessment, conservation planning and advice and heritage policy for government agencies. 
Helen Cekalovic
Biosis Research
1/2 Yallourn St
Fyshwick ACT 2609
6228 1599
0418 540 494
hcekalovic@biosisresearch.com.au www.biosisresearch.com.au
Consultant in archaeology for over 13 years. Extensive experience in Aboriginal stone artefact analysis, human remains and a comprehensive knowledge of shall and faunal species. 
Matthew Barber
Ironbark Heritage and Environment
PO Box 4219
Kingston ACT 2604
0407 485 018
mbarber@ironbarkheritage.com www.ironbarkheritage.com
Heritage consulting practice that provides advice and services on cultural heritage management, heritage conservation planning, archaeology and stakeholder consultation. 
Rachel Jackson
Godden Mackay Logan
PO Box 3171
Manuka ACT 2603
6283 8105
rachelj@gml.com.au www.gml.com.au
Preparation of conservation management plans, heritage assessments, heritage impact statements and curtilage studies. 
Elaine Lawson
Erindale Partnership
PO Box 20
Nimmitabel NSW 2631
0418 546 307
General curatorial and cultural heritage management advice, historic site management advice, historic site management, conservation cleaning, interpretation plans, exhibition development and garden interpretation and management. 
Eric Martin
Eric Martin & Associates
PO Box 4699
Kingston ACT 2604
6260 6935 0417 067 786
eric@emaa.com.au www.emaa.com.au
Experience in all aspect of conservation work including conservation plans, heritage studies, assessment of significance, conservation policy, expert advice adaptive resue and technical advice. Architect Registration No: 5591 
Rosemarie Willett
5 Fishburn Street
Red Hill ACT 2603
6232 7839 0419 327 839
Heritage impact statements, heritage research, assessments and preparation of Citations, statements of significance and conservation management plans. 
Navin Officer
Heritage Consultants
4/71 Leichhardt Street
Kingston ACT 2604
6282 9415 0419 296 868
Heritage, history and archaeology consultants. 
Peter Kabaila
Black Mountain Projects
5 Wangara Street
Aranda ACT 2614
6251 2356
peter@blackmountainprojects.com.au www.blackmountainprojects.com
Conservation management plans and project management of heritage works. Heritage impact statements, heritage assessments and research. Cemetery conservation, historic site interpretation and landscaping and Aboriginal archaeology. 
Access Archaeology and Heritage Pty Ltd
Doug Williams
PO Box 816
4474 4544 0412 997 177
Access Archaeology and Heritage is a heritage management consultancy firm specialising in the fields of Aboriginal and Historical Archaeology. Including Heritage Studies, Heritage Management Planning, Project Management, Community Consultation, Heritage Education and Heritage Tourism. 
Marilyn Truscott
50 Nemarang Crescent
Waramanaga ACT 2611
6288 8717 0408 788712
Pamela Ricardi​
Senior Archaeologist - Umwelt (Australia) Pty Limited
​PO Box 6135
56 Bluebell Street       
O’Connor ACT 2602
6262 9484         
Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty Ltd specialises in Aboriginal and Historical archaeological surveys and sub-surface testing, heritage assessments and advice and statements of heritage impact.