Abstract Blueprint

Development means

  • the use of land
  • the subdivision of land
  • the erection of a building
  • the carrying out of works
  • any other act, matter of thing referred to in Section 26 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act

Generally, all development requires approval following the submission of a Development Application to Council or a Complying Development Application to Council or a Private Certifier. However, some minor developments may be Exempt from requiring an approval and some specific developments require an Activity Approval.

Building and Certification
See regulations and advice about compliance, construction certificates, fire safety and bushfire preparedness
Current developments and land releases
There are currently two major land releases in the Queanbeyan Local Government Area. Googong will have around 5,550 homes upon completion and South Tralee 1,300 new homes.
Development and Approval Forms
You will find all the development and approval forms in one place here.
Development Approvals
Read about the stages of life in a development application and whether or not you need to seek approval. You will also find forms and information sheets.
Heritage Building
Development of listed Heritage Items, or to a property within a Heritage Conservation Area, or in the vicinity of a listed Heritage Item, is subject to specific development standards and controls
Information Sheets
Council has prepared a number of information sheets to help you prepare and lodge your development application.
Planning documents and policies
Here you will find all Council's main planning documents and policies including Local Environmental Plans, community land plans, future plans such as the bicycle and pedestrian plans.
Strategic Land Use Planning
Land use planning policy in Queanbeyan City is defined through the Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan 2012, Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan 1991, Yarrowlumla Local Environmental Plan 2002 and var ...
Sustainable design and building
Council encourages sustainable design and building. Book your free consultation for design advice, find upcoming events, and access further information here.