Vision Mission and Values


In 2011 Council widely consulted with the Queanbeyan community to review the Queanbeyan Vision which was originally developed in 2006. This Vision identified six Themes to give direction and focus for Council's activities. This Community Vision works in concert with Council's Mission to set out what the community and Queanbeyan City Council as an organisation aspire to for the future of Queanbeyan. These in turn are underpinned by Council's Organisational Values and the values we want to promote within our organisation. These Values influence the Council's Strategies, Plans and outputs to direct our outcomes which are what we want to achieve for the Queanbeyan Community as a whole.

The Community Vision, Council’s Mission and Values work in concert together to direct the Council’s operational environment. The Community’s aspirations influence the Council’s Mission which sets out what the organisation as a whole aspires to and then through its Values the behaviours it promotes which will allow it to achieve the Community Vision. This relationship is shown in the diagram below:

The relationship between the Community Vision, Council Mission and Values and how this translates into outputs and outcomes for the Community encapsulated in the Community Strategic Plan which is a new requirement for Council’s under the NSW Government’s Integrated Planning & Reporting frameworks.

The Community Strategic Plan is an overview document which identifies the community’s main priorities and expectations for the future and outlines strategies to achieve these goals. It must cover a minimum time-frame of 10 years. 


The Community Vision is summarised in a Values Statement which envisages what our city will be like by 2021.

A thriving lively city with a strong community spirit, based on its country values and the warmth and friendliness of its people. The city celebrates its natural setting and its rich heritage, preserved in its built form.

The city, suburbs and surrounding rural and residential areas cater for a multicultural population of 50,000 which enjoys a diverse lifestyle; a growing economy; retail, health, education, recreation and cultural services; continued investment in the city’s infrastructure; a sense of safety; and easy access to Canberra, Sydney, the mountains and the coast.

In building this Vision the people of Queanbeyan considered what they valued most. These values were seen as critical to the achievement of the Vision as they will drive what the future looks like for the city. The Queanbeyan Community said it values:

Our Community - An active, involved community that connects people with each other and the place in which they live, which creates a sense of belonging, a sense of safety and a country atmosphere, while embracing the diversity of the community, including the various cultures and neighbourhoods.

Our Environment - Queanbeyan’s attractive complex landscape, its parks, river, escarpment, grassland and forested hills and associated flora and fauna are key assets that must be preserved for future generations.

Our History - From the original inhabitants through to the early settlers and finally the rising of the national capital nearby – Queanbeyan is one of Australia’s oldest inland settlements. This history not only shapes who we are, but is captured in our historical buildings and community spaces.

Our Lifestyle - A country town with city benefits, from diverse housing choices to a wide range of services and community groups including sports, arts and culture. Easy access to the transport links that expands our horizons.

The Community Vision identified six Strategic Priorities as being key steps to achieving the Vision which encapsulates the community priorities for Queanbeyan. These Strategic Priorities are underpinned by a series of Key Directions and Strategies which are set out below.

Theme 1 - Image and Influence - Building an image for for the future

  • Raising the local profile
  • Develop an image and brand
  • Promoting Queanbeyan as a destination
  • Creating a civic heart
  • Sustaining the river
  • Encouraging community and business leadership
  • Places that are important to the community
  • Where people choose to live
  • Providing strong local democracy and civic governance

Theme 2 - Building and Industry - An innovative environment

  • Delivery of local economic initiatives
  • Local business and industry leadership
  • Local employment opportunities
  • Revitalisation of the CBD
  • Support existing business
  • Attracting new business
  • Creating opportunities for youth 

Theme 3 - Culture and Leisure - Enhancing our Lifestyle

  • Heritage
  • Excellence in recreation and lifestyle opportunities
  • Cycleways and pathways
  • Cultural activities

Theme 4 - Infrastructure, Access and Transport - Building sustainable foundations

  • Planning for future growth
  • Sustainable water management
  • Integrated land use and transport
  • Sustainable transport options
  • Transport infrastructure

Theme 5 - The Community

  • Implementing the plans we have
  • Strengthening partnerships
  • Providing services
  • Targeted groups
  • Community engagement 

Theme 6 - The Environment

  • Integrated water management
  • Energy consumption
  • Future planning
  • Community education regarding the environment

You can download the Community Vision here.

Our Mission

Queanbeyan City Council has in place a Mission Statement which sets out what the Council aspires to in assisting the Community to achieve its Vision. Its mission is:

We work together with our community to continually enhance our well governed, safe and healthy city by caring for its assets, fostering a stronger sense of civic pride, and delivering quality services in a financially, socially and environmentally responsible manner to ensure a sustainable future.

Our Values

Council’s Mission is underpinned by a series of Organisational Values which clearly set out the things we as an organisation ‘believe in’ and the organisational behaviours we want to promote. These Values are:


We will deal with our customers, both external and internal, in an open, honest, and ethical manner to create an environment of mutual respect, trust and professionalism.

Customer Focus

We will engage with our customers in an efficient and effective manner to provide exceptional customer service.


We will strive to explore, learn and develop sustainable outcomes through best practice for the benefit of the community.


We will cooperate as a team to recognise and respect contributions that achieve common goals.


We will develop, empower, and recognise staff to achieve professional excellence in the delivery of service.