Integrated Plans


Integrated Plans 2016-17

Council's draft Integrated Plans (Operational Plan, Revenue Policy and Schedule of Fees and Charges) were adopted at the meeting held on 21 July 2016.   

Integrated Planning

In November 2009 the NSW State Government introduced Integrated Planning and Reporting reforms which is a new approach to how councils develop their budgets and corporate plans. Integrated Planning ensures that councils are better reflecting community aspirations within their activities by taking a long term (10 year) outlook. It is based around a Community Strategic Plan which has to reflect the community’s aspirations. In order to ensure this occurs Integrated Planning and Reporting advocates a ‘three tier’ hierarchy of plans consisting of a Community Strategic Plan, a Delivery Program and an Operational Plan. Council is required to adopt its suite of Integrated Planning documents by 30 June in the year following the Local Government elections.

Council has implemented Integrated Planning and Reporting since 2009 - view the Integrated Planning library here to see all documents that have been adopted and published since 2009.

Council's Integrated Planning documents for the current period can be downloaded below:

QPRC Integrated Plans

2016-17 OP coverOperational Plan 2016-2017

A sub-plan of the Delivery Program of the former Queanbeyan City and Palerang councils which has a timeframe of one year and identifies projects and activities Council will undertake for that year. It identifies responsibilities for each action and includes key performance indicators and a detailed budget. The Operational Plan also includes the Revenue Policy which sets out general rates and charges for water, sewer and waste services.

Fees and Charges 2016-17
Fees and Charges 2016-17

Council's fees and charges for the 2016-17 financial year can be downloaded here. Council will be working on integrating the fees and charges ahead of the 2017-18 financial year.

Former QCC Integrated Plans

Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023

A 10 year document which identifies the community's key priorities, and outlines strategies of how Council and other stakeholders will achieve those priorities.

Resourcing Strategy

Includes a 10-year Long Term Financial Plan, four-year Workforce Management Strategy and an Asset Management Plan.

Delivery Program 2013-2017

Council’s contract with the community - what the elected body will deliver during its four-year term. It details activities Council will undertake to achieve the community’s priorities set out in the Community Strategic Plan.

Governance Plan 2013-2017

Provides a framework to develop a ‘best practice’ culture for the organisation to ensure it is delivering outcomes for the Queanbeyan community and it is accountable, transparent and ethical in all its activities.