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The Scores on Doors program publishes the hygiene and food safety inspection result achieved by NSW retail food premises. The program rates participating food businesses' compliance with NSW food safety legislation with an emphasis on the food handling practices linked to foodborne illness. This assessment, using a standardised checklist and points scheme, results in a score summarises the outcome. When displayed prominently, consumers can use this score to help them decide where to eat or buy food. The program is currently voluntary.


The Scores on Doors program is for retail food businesses which process and sell food in NSW that is:

  • ready-to-eat,
  • potentially hazardous (ie requires temperature control), and
  • for immediate consumption.

These businesses include:

  • restaurants
  • take away shops
  • pub bistros
  • hotels
  • cafes
  • bakeries, and
  • clubs

Council officers use the unannounced periodic inspection system currently in place to conduct Scores on Doors inspections using the standard Food Premises Assessment Report (FPAR). They will calculate a hygiene and food safety score as part of that inspection process. After the Council officer completes the inspection checklist, the points received by the business are tallied and a corresponding hygiene and food safety rating is assigned.

Scores on Doors Scoring Chart

For more information about this processes, you can download the Retail Food Business Rating Program: Guideline.

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Scores on Doors is a hygiene and food safety rating program that enables consumers to make an informed choice about where to eat or buy food. Scores show the result of the last hygiene and food safety inspection at local restaurants, takeaway shops and cafes. Businesses display the certificate they are awarded, showing their score. Certificates should be displayed in a prominent position, usually the front window, door or inside the establishment. During the inspection, businesses are assessed against a food safety checklist and assigned a star rating reflecting their performance. The Scores on Doors program helps reduce food safety risks and illness from food, so you can enjoy your meal with greater confidence.  

You can download the Scores on Doors Consumer Guide here.  

SoD Scoring Chart for consumers


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