Food Safety for your Business


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Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council is committed to food safety surveillance, and conducts regular inspections to ensure standards are met and food is safe.

Inspections are conducted by Council Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) and in some cases by officers from NSW Food Authority in accordance with the agreements in the Food Regulation Partnership:

  • check compliance with Australian Standards;
  • to encourage the provision of safe food to the consumer; and
  • to educate food handlers.
  • Inspections are conducted without notice and fees are charged.

By using good food safety practices businesses can minimise the risks associated with foodbourne illness and promote customer confidence.

Businesses can also minimise the number of inspections each year and reduce fees linked to follow-up inspections by making sure they always comply with the Food Standards. These are uniform standards that apply across Australia. Every business selling food within NSW must either have a licence with or have formally notified the NSW Food Authority.

Notification is free online and proof is a Notification and Food Safety Information System (NAFSIS) number.

Businesses selling food in Queanbeyan must also be registered with Council. To register download the Food Registration for Businesses form here and return it to Council.

Businesses will also need to notify details of their Food Safety Supervisor. Online notification of the Food Safety Supervisor can be completed here.  Alternatively businesses in Queanbeyan can download a Food Safety Supervisor notification form.

Food business notification, FSS notification and registration with council must be kept current.

Environmental Health Officers are available to offer advice and answer questions. You can telephone 02 6285 6246 or  email

Food Safety Supervisor

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New laws require certain retail food businesses in NSW to have at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS).

Appointing one of your staff as a FSS adds an onsite level of protection for day to day food safety. People who complete FSS training will hold a nationally recognised qualification stating they have the skills and knowledge to handle food safely.

A Food Safety Supervisor must be trained by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved by the NSW Food Authority. You can view a list of Approved RTOs here. Only approved RTOs, and in certain circumstances the NSW Food Authority, can issue a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate.